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Sam J Grudgings is a poet perpetually on the edge of collapse. Shortlisted for the Outspoken Poetry Prize in the performance category in 2020 he is renowned for his frenetic delivery & whirlwind stage presence. His work combines visceral metaphors with frank gutter honesty & dark gallows humour. He yells stories about loss, 50 ft monsters, fighting god & haunted people because it's cheaper than therapy & less physically taxing than porno. If he invites you to join a cult, it’s because he sees more than just a sacrifice in you.

He has toured the country delivering his weird explorations into addiction & the complicity of privilege in explosions of flailing arms, off brand hypnotism & cheap magic tricks. A frequent collaborator with artists of all mediums, he has appeared on pop punk albums,  alongside dancers, in art galleries, haunted churches & on most wanted lists. Pushing the boundaries of performance & inviting people along for the wild ride Sam has fought for & earned, the respect of poets & the ire of Gods. Currently experimenting with new forms of performance thanks to Arts Council Funding, watch him shimmer...look at him dance. You. Must. Not. Look. Away.

His debut collection “The Bible II” is due out with Verve Poetry Press in 2021, &can be pre-ordered here .

Sam runs workshops on performance as well as campaigning for the recognition of lived experience in professional & academic circles. He endeavours to bring poetry to everyone, by collaboration efforts with musicians, dancers, artists & initiatives in local communities.

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Longlisted for performance - 2019

Longlisted for poetry film -2019

Shortlisted for performance - 2020

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Longlisted for performance - 2021

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