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Art works by commission or otherwise

Art works by commission or otherwise

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Have designed T-shirts, book covers, posters, album artwork and similar - please see the gallery for images that inspire you, pick a style or format and size and drop me an email. There is no strict rule of thumb but 40 x 40 canvas in mixed media will start at £200

Sketches and Biro work on a4 will come to approximately £50

please note these are rough quotes and each individual commission is it's own. 

  • Whatever the heck you want

    I'll draw it. Provided it doesnt foretell the end of the world and I will be stricken mad by the very images I draw, that art is just for me. 

  • Return & Refund Policy

    for larger pieces I will send you macquettes  & sketches prior to starting to ensure I have your approval on the design. A £50 non-refundable deposit is expected on larger pieces.  

    Please note with a commission you are trusting my art style from inspiration you provide so once the idea has been approved I am afraid I cannot go back and redo it. 

  • shipping info

    depending on what format you would like the final product will define the cost - if you only want a high def image of the original and are happy for me to sell the original comission on the price will be significantly less 

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