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Poetry and other Temporal Mishaps

Sam J Grudgings

Sam J Grudgings is a poet perpetually on the edge of collapse, nominated for the Outspoken Poetry Prize 2019 as well "Most Likely to Cause a Catastrophic Accident"  2009 and again in 2016. He yells stories about recovery, loss, 50ft monsters, cities made of teeth and haunted people because it’s  cheaper than therapy and is less physically taxing than porno.

Renowned for his off-kilter, frenetic delivery and intense stage dynamic, Sam grew up in the punk scene and it shows. Injecting gallows humour into fiercely wrought metaphors, Sam subverts the narratives of addiction, bringing a wry touch to devastating subjects whilst still allowing himself the space to be painfully candid and devastatingly vulnerable. 

Sam runs workshops on performance and writing as well as campaigning for the recognition of lived experience in professional and academic circles. He endeavours to bring poetry to everyone, by collaboration efforts with musicians, dancers artists and iniatives in local communities. He is currently working on an album due out next year.